Just waiting on a baby…. and Prom!

March 2019 might go down as the busiest month ever for myself and Radiant Sol. This month my husband and I will welcome our first child into the world! I am so excited about our new addition, but still thinking about my first baby, the salon. If you are all wondering what will happen to Radiant Sol Sunless while I am at home with this little babe for a few weeks, have NO fear, the show WILL GO ON! I will be at the salon during my normal hours until this little princess decides to make her debut. Once she makes her entrance, I have brought in an awesome side kick, Taysha Meech, to take over my schedule and allow me some time away. While I won’t be gone for long, I can assure you Taysha will take great care of you. Taysha is certified in the Spray Tanning Industry, knows her chemistry and solutions and is quite the perfectionist in making sure you look fabulous when you leave your appointment.

As for booking, we are keeping it business as usual.

To book you can call, text, email, FB message, Instagram DM or book online. PLEASE NOTE, although Taysha is in house while I am out, hours will be cut back for a couple of weeks until we find our groove. If you are booking online and don’t see a time slot you need, simply just text me or FB message me and I can double check schedules.

With that being said, our adjusted hours will be
Tuesday - Thursday 5PM to 8PM and Friday - Saturday by appointment, until I am back full time.
Taysha will not be taking walk in’s and she will not be traveling for ANY home calls.
** Please note hair scheduling and appointments will go on as normal **

Prom scheduling: please schedule as soon as possible! You can book online or text for bookings. If you have a date or time in mind, shoot me a text so you can get on the schedule. I will be opening up more times/dates as it gets a little closer.

Lastly, I would like to take a moment to thank all of my clients for their understanding during this exciting time. I hate leaving the salon for longer than a couple of days, but I also know home is where I need to be. Please be patient for responses and also with me as I work out my new normal.

Don’t worry I will be sure to keep everyone updated with pictures and cuteness as soon as we have her in our arms.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out and I will be happy to answer.

Welcome to our home away from home