Hello, and thank you so much for visiting Radiant Sol. I am Kayli Tisdale, the owner of this amazing airbrush business that fulfills me. As a certified airbrush specialist, I look forward to helping you achieve the color you are looking forward to for any occasion you might have, or if you like to stay "glowing" all year round, I can help with that too!

As most of you can see from the photo above, I am a blonde hair, blue eyed girl... wait, is that a song? I failed to mention I burn very easily in the sun, or in a tanning bed. After laying in the tanning bed countless sessions, my color did not turn out as desired. The sun had about the same effect, I would burn, peel and then be back to square one. After a small scare with a family member last year, I began wondering if airbrush tanning could be the thing to solve all of these worries. It took me a year, but hey I am here now. Although I am just getting my feet wet, I can honestly say this has truly been a blessing. It puts a smile on my face when I see smiles walking out the door.

After doing some research and learning more about the spray tanning business, I began to find the differences between a spray booth and having a specialist do the spray tan. I found that spray booths are convenient, and easy, but can also leave you feeling like you have been over-sprayed, or the color is slightly darker than you anticipated. Having an airbrush speiclist there to help answer questions, and guide me through the process was a breath of fresh air. The only thing missing in that session was a more personable approach. That is when I thought to myself, I am a people person, I can do this. Simply asking questions to your clients goes a long way. It is all about the relationship here at Radiant Sol, and I take pride in that.

In April of 2014, I took the leap of faith and found my wonderful mentor and educator. From there I was taught the ropes of the airbrush tanning business from one of the best, and here I am today. I look forward to building this business and my client base. If you are in the market for an airbrush tan in the Canyon or Amarillo area, give Radiant Sol a chance!

I look forward to meeting you.

- Kayli 


NO Judgement HERE! 

Take a deep breath, because here at Radian Sol, I do not take lightly to any type of judgment with anyone's body! You can come into my studio knowing that there will be no second thought on what your body looks like. Feel free to check Radiant Sol - Custom Airbrush Tanning out on Facebook for reviews that are directed towards the professionalism and making my clients feel comfortable.